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Stories by Palu Bicycles

Meet the Rider: Federico Motta

Harry Bunnell

Photo courtesy of Scoot

Photo courtesy of Scoot

We’re proud to support grassroots racing through our sponsorship of NVAYRK; a global cycling team founded in New York which races track, crits and cyclo cross.

The team made its debut at Red Hook in 2015, and has been representing at races in Europe and the United States. We caught up with team captain Federico in Barcelona to get his low-down on the 2017 so far and plans for next year.

Palu: Ciao Federico! How’s your season been going?

Federico: The current season, I would say, has been a really positive one. Personally I had some pretty decent results. The highlights are a 5th place at La Petit Course in Paris, a 6th place at Minet Crit in London, a 10th place at Thundercrit 2 in London and a 6th place in the Last Chance Race at the London RHC which allowed me to qualify to the final after an unlucky qualifier. I definitely improved my performances from the previous season but everyone else in the peloton has done the same!

Palu: How many times have you raced in Barcelona, and what makes the city so special?

Federico: Barcelona N5 was my 3rd RHC there. It was my first fixed gear crit ever in 2015. Barcelona is unique. The RHC in Barcelona is not just a race, people usually get few days off work and spend a week across the weekend in Spain, drinking beers on the beach with fellow riders from all over the world or riding their bikes along the beautiful coastline. 

Palu: You used to be a bike courier, what got you into racing fixed gear?

Federico: Yes, I used to be a messenger in London for about two years back in 2012. I got into bicycles because of that and, since then, my life changed completely.

Palu: You race multiple disciplines; road, cross and track. How many bikes do you own? 

Federico: I own four bikes at the moment. A race track bike, a commuter track bike, a road bike and I'm about to finish my CX build.

Photo coutersy of Dani Roversi

Photo coutersy of Dani Roversi

Palu: How do you balance working full time alongside a busy race schedule?

Federico: I work as sound engineer in a post production house in Soho and I'm working on different shift every week. So depending on the working hours, I train before work, usually in Regents Park, or in the evening, at Herne Hill Velodrome. I tend to do a mid/long distance ride on the road bike at the weekends or the Saturday morning session at the track. 
It’s really not easy to fit everything in and sometimes I cannot get as much training as I would love to, but it’s not a big deal, bicycles are great but they’re are not the only thing in life.

Palu: What’s been the biggest highlight of your racing career?

Federico: The biggest highlight of my racing career is yet to come, but I would say the 5th place at La Petit Course in Paris last summer as I was very close to a podium finish. I felt strong on a super technical course but a crash with 3 to go ruined everything. 

Palu: The racing scene in London is thriving. What advice would you give to the youngsters coming through?

Federico: The cycling scene in London is getting bigger and bigger. Its great because it’s made by great people. To the youngster I would say to get out, ride, meet new people and follow your dreams!

Palu: You have Red Hook Milan coming up in October, your home race. How does it feel to race on your home roads?

Federico: Milan is next and its always very special to me. Every time plenty of friends come over to cheer at me and they give me that little extra boost needed!

Photo courtesy of Chiara Redaschi

Photo courtesy of Chiara Redaschi

Palu: Where do you want to take NVAYRK in 2018?

Federico: We aspire to great things for NVAYRK in 2018. We hope Euan can confirm himself in the top 20 riders in the RHC peloton and we are also planning to have a girl racing with us as well. Also, we will add few more dates to the race calendar like Mission Crit in SF, Dijon and 8bar Crit.

Palu: If you could pick one place to ride, where would you go?

Federico: I fell in love with downhill (MTB) recently so, at the moment, my favourite place to ride would be hitting the trails in Whistler, British Columbia. 

Palu: Grazie e bocca lupo for the rest of the season!

Federico: Thanks a lot and i'll see you on the road!

Follow Federico on Instagram @federicomotta to see how he gets on for the rest of the season.