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Stories by Palu Bicycles

Red Hook Crit in Barcelona

Harry Bunnell

Photo: Tornanti.cc

Photo: Tornanti.cc

This has been our third year running the Parc Fermé at Red Hook Crit. Palu founder, Alberto Battaglia, sums up the experience after a busy weekend for the 5th edition of the race in Barcelona…

It’s always a great experience with enthusiastic people and exciting racing in three of Europe’s best cities.

Our main duties in the  Parc Fermé entail checking the condition of the bikes and making sure they match up with Red Hook Crit’s standards, including levels of wear on tyres, cleats, helmet straps and making sure there’s no unsafe objects attached to the bikes! 

Photo: Tornanti.cc

Photo: Tornanti.cc

The team is usually comprised of eight volunteers, many of whom have been working together for the last three years. There is a full briefing in the morning before the practice laps start, then it’s a busy day of bike checks throughout the day with a bit of time to grab lunch.


Barcelona was extra fun compared to previous years. There is the new Superpole which makes the level of the race qualification more selective, especially their position on the starting grid.”

We get some awesome bikes coming through the Parc Ferme, but personally speaking the the nicest bike we got to check this year was Colin Strickland’s Pinarello Maat Pista. Troppo bella!

My favourite bit of the day is the party after the race. It’s a chance to relax after an intense day on the radio with the rest of the staff, have a beer (or three) and catch up with friends old and new who race or are a part of Red Hook.

Photo: Chiara Redaschi

Photo: Chiara Redaschi

Big shout out to all the volunteers who joined us at London and Barcelona this year, if you would like to volunteer for Milan, please get in touch at Redhookcrit.com/volunteer