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Stories by Palu Bicycles

Meet the Rider: Kimberley English

Harry Bunnell


In the latest from our rider series we spoke to young female cyclist Kimberley English. With cycling in the family, she’s grown up racing her bike and has a very special win on her palmares. Kimberley did a test ride on a Pinarello Dogma F10 and gave us her review.

Palu: You recently tried out the Pinarello Dogma F10, how would you describe the bike?

Kimberley: It was by far the nicest bike i've ever ridden. I love that it was black and white, it looked super clean and fast. People on the street were stopping to look at it. As soon as you ride it you can feel the quality and I even felt faster on the bike. If you need any encouragement to train, having a Dogma would definitely help!

Palu: How long have you been road cycling and how did you get into it?

Kimberley: I've been Road cycling for 14 years I started racing bikes when I was 7 years old. I got into it as my Dad used to cycle for Ireland and it's always been in my family. My older brother competes professionally.

Palu: What is your earliest cycling memory?

Kimberley: My earliest cycling memory would be for going out on road rides with my dad when i was around 7 years old. This is what really made me fall in love with the sport. My dad is my biggest supporter on the bike and he used to race when he was younger so he knows exactly what i was experiencing and he helped me push myself when needed (and was always there to give me a push up the hill if I needed it!)

Palu: What do you love about working in the cycling industry?

Kimberley: I love that my job is also my hobby so I truly love what I do. I'm fortunate enough to work with incredible people who all love cycling.

Palu: What bike are you currently riding?

Kimberley: I'm actually currently riding my dads bike! It is a 1999 Titanium Airborne Zeplin.

Palu: What’s been your most memorable experience on a bike?

Kimberley: My most memorable experience on the bike was back in 2011 when I won the national cyclo cross championships. I'm definitely not a XC rider but I did it every winter for training. It was my first national championships in XC and it came as a surprise to everyone that I won! Winning a big bike race like that is a feeling you never forget. I still smile when I think of seeing my parents' face when I crossed the line.


Palu: Do you have any advice for other women looking to get into cycling?

Kimberley: My advice for women looking to get into cycling would be to source a group of a similar ability to ride with! I can guarantee it makes it a lot easier to get yourself out on the bike if you're with a group. There are so many more women getting into cycling which is incredible to see so there will almost always be groups to tag along with. It's a really great way to meet new people and gain confidence!

Palu: Do you have any goals for 2018?

Kimberley: My goals for 2018 would be to race again! I've taken four years out of bike racing and have only been riding again for the past 10 months. My fitness is improving quickly so i'm definitely looking to start racing. Herne Hill track league in April will be my debut...

Palu: If you could pick one place to ride, where would you go?

Kimberley: Vietnam. I have travelled this country via motorbike but now i would love to go back and do it on my bike! Especially the Hai Van Pass. It's a challenging climb but the views are incredible. The food is also amazing.

Palu: Thanks and good luck for the racing in 2018!